I’ve always been a curious kid when I’m young. Especially, I’m fascinated by all kinds of living animals. One of my childhood dream is to be a field scientist and looking for new species out there.

It didn’t quite work out that way, but I still choose the scientific path.

Science has become a big part of my life. Pursuing a PhD degree in biology is just a beginning. I’m very interested in neuroscience, because I believe I could potentially peep a little bit, but thrilling truth of this world by studying how brain works. Brain is the fundamental physical vehicle for all philosophies which contains the power to create or destroy the world. I really wish my study could help us to gain more knowledge about it.

I’ve always believed science is a great way to understand our world. It is neither the only way, nor the best way to many people. But it is a very direct observation of our physical world, and it has to mean something. To me, it means “fact”. Scientific experiments and evidence can provide us an objective way to understand the “truth” better. The “fact” can reflect the “truth” in some way, and help us to have a better idea of ourselves.

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